Powdered liquids

When working with powdered liquids, Inpico selects the mixing principle according to the customer's needs. A first mixing principle is simple mixing in a tank. Here, the product is dosed in batches.

In addition, you can also mix in circulation: in this system, liquid is drawn from a tank by a pump, after which it is mixed with, for example, a powder. Because both are mixed in the pump, the shear force (mixing power) is higher with this mixing principle. This is used for difficult to mix products with higher viscosity.

The last mixing principle is inline mixing: here the mixing takes place continuously in an installation, without the creation of a buffer. As a result, the product is dosed continuously. At our customer's request, we can carry out a mixing test to select the best mixing principle. A system for powder liquids is usually sold in a turn-key project where we apply our expertise to the customer's request from the start, but of course there are other possibilities.
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