Does the stainless steel pipework of your production company need to be renewed? Do you want to increase the production capacity of your installation? Or do you see the bigger picture and are you connecting a completely new installation? Whatever you do, Inpico is there to help you!

Inpico specialises in stainless steel piping according to strict hygienic standards. We do this for the extensive food industry, but also for light chemistry. We work according to the customer's plans or do the detailed engineering of the piping ourselves. If necessary, we connect the necessary or requested components (valves, pumps, etc.). The preparations of the piping are usually done in our workshop, after which the connections are made on site.

The welding work is carried out by our own certified welders according to accredited welding procedures and monitored by our international welding engineer. If desired, inspection of the welds can take place via X-ray or with our own endoscopy equipment. Welding quality is guaranteed!

We mainly weld stainless steel tubes according to the TIG process, both manual and orbital. We also install the steel and plastic piping in a global project with stainless steel piping. Think of piping in steel, aluminium or in PVC, PVDF...

In addition to pure piping, we are also responsible for the realisation of coupling boards or manifolds, which connect different pipelines with each other.

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